Makeup brush


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Makeup brush

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Blush brush
For face powder, powder and other cosmetic powder
Full length: 20cm hair length 4.6cm
Powder brush
For the face loose powder shaping, reasonable shape, size of the brush head
Better to print the exact position and shape
Full length: 19cm hair length: 3.3cm
Contour repair brush
Used for facial plastic structure to sweep the shadow
Full length: 19cm hair length 2.3cm
Foundation Brush
The top of the brush head is flat and smooth, and the makeup is fast and even.
Full length: 18.5cm hair length 2.3cm
Large eye shadow brush
For large area blooming
Full length: 19.5cm hair length 1.5cm
Medium eye shadow brush
For finer modification of the eye
Full length: 18.5cm hair length 1.2cm
Small eye shadow brush
Used to modify the contours of the eyes and outline the lines
Complete a more refined look
Full length: 18cm hair length: 0.7cm
Nasal brush
Used for nose and nose between the nose and nose
Full length: 19.5cm hair length 1.8cm
Eyebrow brush
The beveled design makes the painted eyebrows more detailed
Fresh and natural eyebrows
Full length: 18.5cm hair length 0.8cm
Lip brush
For fine contouring of lips, full of lips

Full length: 19cm hair length 1cm

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Weight0.24 kg
Dimensions200 × 180 × 30 cm





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