High Quality Skin Beauty Care Electric Facial Cleanser


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High Quality Skin Beauty Care Electric Facial Cleanser

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Deep cleaning, multi depth cleaning, face washing effect is better than ordinary hand washing, cleaning more than 10 times.
Professional cleansing, cleansing effect comparable to the beauty salon special cleansing instrument, popular in Europe.
Gentle exfoliating and deep cleansing, gentle exfoliating, make the skin smooth and delicate, brighten skin whitening refreshing wash.
Compact skin, V face lift, close the skin, promote facial blood circulation, relieve skin pressure.
To promote absorption, promote the absorption of subsequent beauty care ingredients, effectively enhance the efficacy of skin care products.
Anti acne blemish, safe use and no stimulation, solve skin problems.
Brush hair is extremely mild, brush surface is designed without holes, not easy to attach bacteria, easy to clean,

Washed in whole body, can be used in bathroom.
Mini size, and ergonomic design, makes it easy to carry and comfortable to grip.
Use it with your favorite non abrasive cleanser, skin cleaning can be achieved faster and more effectively.

Size: 14*6*21cm
Color: white&blue

Package included:
1 x Facial Cleaning Tool

Additional information

Weight0.21 kg
Dimensions220 × 200 × 100 cm



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