Bath Towel Silicone Rubbing Back Towel


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Bath Towel Silicone Rubbing Back Towel

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Double-sided texture, thickness, convex design, bring a comfortable experience

Bath brush the face, lengthen the 1cm brush head, deep into the pores to clean dirt

Floating surface, enlarged circle design, bring comfortable experience to the back

Double-sided function, double-sided selection, foaming and mud rubbing on the bristle surface, hemispherical massage and active meridian, bathing is easier


Product Category; Bath Brush / Massage Brush
Material Silicone
Applicable object: General
Product weight: 218g
Product size; 60 * 11cm  Extension 90 cm

Product name; silicone bath brush

Package Content:

1 x rubbing back towel


Additional information

Weight0.44 kg
Dimensions310 × 120 × 60 cm

Blue and pink, 4PC Blue 60cm, 6PC Blue 60cm, 6PC Pink 70cm, 4PC Pink90cm, 6PC Sea sky blue, 4PC Sea sky blue, 6PC Green90cm, 4PC Grey90cm, 4PC Purple 70cm, 6PC Purple 70cm, 4PC Lilac purple, 6PC Grey90cm, 4PC Blue90cm, 6PC Blue 70cm, 4PC Blue 70cm, 4PC Pink 60cm, 6PC Mint Green, 4PC Green90cm, 6PC Cherry pink, 4PC Green 60cm, 4PC Cherry pink, 6PC Blue90cm, 6PC Purple 60cm, 4PC Mint Green, 6PC Lilac purple, 6PC Green 70cm, 4PC Green 70cm, 6PC Green 60cm, 4PC Purple90cm, 6PC Purple90cm, 4PC Pink 70cm, 6PC Pink 60cm, 6PC Pink90cm, 4PC Purple 60cm, Blue and purple, Blue 60cm, Cherry pink, Green90cm, Green 60cm, Blue and green, Mint Green, 3PCS Set, Lilac purple, Pink 60cm, Blue90cm, Blue 70cm, Green 70cm, Grey90cm, Pink90cm, Purple90cm, Purple 70cm, Sea sky blue, Pink 70cm, Purple 60cm, Purple and green


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